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released May 7, 2012



all rights reserved


JOTNAR Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain

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Track Name: Perfect Lie
Seductive voice,Turn out to be
A raucous unpleasant whisper
Curt, almost nasty
And slipped away, From questions with
A litany of learnt and inane words

Be that as it may, I still had the thorn
Of the truth stuck, on my side
I’ve found your words, Hidden in your eyes
I’ve found your voice
In your crystal clear glance

As gelid as sharp
Your hate, your pain
Hidden in your eyes, I’ve seen your lies

I’ve seen your truth
Your hate, your pain
I’ve seen your lies
Your secret place where you feel safe

I overlooked
Your better skill
What you have learned about
The subtleties of the Perfect Lie

There’s no place crueler than be around you
You are the perfect lie
Track Name: In Process
Starting with an answer is impossible to find the end
Reading the last chapter wont complete the story
A blank page can handle the weight of my cross
A Grand Finale can be written and rebuilt from its own

What is written and can’t be stored
What is thought and can’t be erased
This wheel is spinning even faster
Everything is always in process

How to finish the unborn?
How to sculpt out of water?
How to see what lies beneath?
I better disconnect it all
How to come out a dead end?
How to lead without a trace?
How to rise from this deep grave?
I better turn it off

Teach me how to answer
and I will show you how to ask
To discover the emptiness
and be ready to accept the truth

What is done and can’t be improved
What is said and can’t be forgotten
This wheel is spinning even faster
Everything is always in process

This wheel is spinning even faster
Everything is always in process
Track Name: I Am Giant
My microcosmo destroys your universe
Building the pillars of a bigger fortress
Raping your gossips with violence

I am giant… I left behind the loneliness
I am giant… you will remember me

We swear for the new path
Our blood saturates our words
We light the wick that burns
Our tears will flood the world

We punish… like a fire scourge
Where we stay they descend
We ever triumph over the scum
They perish where we ascend

I have evolved into a higher man
Inside the selected kind of maniacs
I have come with them to stand
Representing the new race of giants

I have come to the land of the free
You have turned into nothing for me
Years by you… like dust in the wind
Track Name: Never Fall Silent
You wanted me to hide your flaws
and I gave relief
You wanted me to save your goals
And I get it, just for you with no doubt

I want no more betrays
I'm tired of you and your empty words
I don’t care what you've got to say
Don’t wanna take what you left for me

I don’t want to see you again
So don’t face me
It's time to move on
And do it on my own

I began to hear senseless words
So far it's fair enough
But you cheat on me
With your masquerade
My trust in you falls apart
I don't want to see you again
So don't face me
It's time to move on
And do it on my own

Never fall silent

Now I will not waste my time
Prefer to turn aside
Track Name: Soil My Soul
You can't call me by my name
'Cause it's just a masquerade
It's not just what you see
Just a cage with broken wings

Don't try to fix it all
Come here and
Soil my Soul
Don't think it's never too late
Come here and
Soil my Soul

Judge me by my shadow
It is my only partner
Reflecting my essence
And revealing my true nature

Don't want to be a lamb anymore
I can't recognize my own hopes

You wanna heal me
But I don't need it
You wanna save me
But you never asked me